Basil Onuferko Scholarship
Brownell Family

Basil Onuferko Scholarship

At the request of Basil's parents, TransPac is establishing the Basil Onuferko Memorial Scholarship Fund to help other young men and women pursue their passion for flying. The scholarship will provide tuition assistance to other students and potential students who wish to attend TransPac's training program and share Basil's dream of becoming a professional pilot.

Basil was a very caring and giving person, who was able to inspire others. A friend summed it up best:

"I feel so lucky to have met him. Basil and I shared my summer evenings on the porch at that time. We would commiserate about struggles we were having and talk about dreams for the future. Flying was always and unequivocally on top of Basil's mind and what made him wide-eyed with possibility and excitement. I was thoroughly impressed and inspired by his determination. He had an irrepressible optimism and air about him that made him magnetic."

Many letters of sympathy echoed the same sentiment. And so it is in this spirit that we would like to have a memorial fund in his name. When Basil decided to go to Flight School funds were very tight and it is only through the help of family that he was able to come to Arizona. We would like to honor his memory and help other young men or women with the same dreams and hopes to realize their passion. If anyone would like to make contributions to honor his memory please donate to Basil's memorial scholarship fund.

Checks made out to TransPac Aviation Academy with "Basil Onuferko Memorial Scholarship Fund" in the memo section can be sent directly to TransPac Aviation Academy, Attention Nader Yassa, Chief Financial Officer at 530 W. Deer Valley Road, Suite 100, Phoenix, AZ 85027